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  • Pagliacci’s Pizza It's hot, it's fresh and man is it good. Voted best Pizza in Seattle for 10 years, Pagliacci Pizza is staying true to form with five new seasonal pizzas for the upcoming summer months...
  • Tropix Café & Beach Club
  • Yarrow Bay Grill Beach Café
  • Waiters on Wheels delivers from several local restaurants.
  • Virtual Commons, a café in lower Queen Anne near the Space Needle.
  • The OnLine - Internet Cafe is located on Broadway in Capital Hill.
  • The Speakeasy Cafe. Downtown on 2nd Avenue in Belltown. Expresso, draft beer, a Sparc 20, X terminals and a dedicated T1, what could be better?

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    Seattle FinnFest '99
    4122 128th Ave. SE, Suite #305
    Bellevue, WA 98006