FinnFest USA '99 Film and Video

Thursday, July 22

  • 10:00 One World (documentary) 10:00-10:50, Smith 120
  • 11:00 Evakot (documentary) 11:00-12:20, Thompson 105
  • 11:00 Den fortrollade vgen (feature film) 11:00-12:35, Smith 120

  • pm
  • 1:00 Manillakoysi (feature film) 1:00-2:10, Smith 120
  • 3:00 Paavo NurmiLegenda (documentary) 3:00-3:30, Thompson 101
  • 8:00 Orpopojan valssi (feature film) 8:00-9:10 HUB Auditorium
  • 10:15 Going to Kansas City (feature film) USA Premiere! 10:15-11:30 HUB Auditorium

Friday, July 23

  • 9:00 Suomen vuodenajat + Whooper, Holy Bird (documentaries) 9:00-9:50, Smith 120
  • 10:00 Liian paksu perhoseksi (feature film) 10:00-11:30, Smith 120
  • 11:45 91 kevatta (documentary) 11:45-12:40, Smith 120

  • pm
  • 1:00 Karelian Fever (documentary), with Anita Hokkanen Middleton 1:00-2:30, Smith 120
  • 3:00 Viisi tytartani (feature film) 3:00-4:50, Smith 120

Saturday, July 24

  • 9:00 Joutsenlaulu (documentary) 9:00-9:40, Smith 120
  • 10:00 Paivi Moore introduces Finnish television, the Scandinavian Channel and her new film 10:00-10:45, Smith 120
  • 11:00 Amerikansuomalaisten albumi 11:00-12:20, Smith 120

  • pm
  • 12:00 Alvar Aalto: Visio paremmasta maailmasta (documentary) 12:00- 12:54, Thompson 135
  • 12:30 Teemu Selanne/With All My Heart Campaign 12:30-1:30, Smith 120
  • 2:00 Olli Soinio and Seppo Rustanius Documentary Films of Twentieth-Century Finnish History 2:00-2:45, Smith 120
  • 2:50 Punaiset esiliinat , Punaorvot (documentaries) 2:50-4:50, Smith 120
  • 5:00 Ryysyrannan Jooseppi (feature film) 5:00-6:26, Smith 120
  • 7:30 Kaunis Veera (feature film) 7:30-8:45, HUB Auditorium
  • 10:15 Jaanmurtaja (feature film) USA Premiere! 10:15-11:15 HUB Auditorium

Alvar Aalto: Visio paremmasta maailmasta.
(Alvar Aalto: A Vision of a Better World; 1998). 54 min. Documentary. A look at Finlands greatest architect during the 1930s. Dir.: Eeva Vuorenp (In Finnish; English subtitles) Sat.12:00-12:54 pm, Tho. 135

Amerikansuomalaisten albumi: Arkea ja juhlaa 1940-luvun lopulla
(Finns in America: Work and Play in the late 40s; 1999) 80 min. Documentary. The story of Finnish American culture as captured by movie cameras in the 1940s. Finnish America from coast to coast. Dir.: P. Moore (In Finnish; English subtitles) USA Permiere! Sat.11:00 am -12:20 pm, Smith 120

Den förtrollade vägen
(The Enchanted Way; 1986) 95 min. Feature film. Set in 1917, the idyllic life of Karelia is rocked by World War I. Based on the novel by Oscar Parland. Screenplay: Benedict Zilliacus; dir.: ke Lindman (In Swedish; English subtitles) Thurs. 11:00-12:35, Smith 120

(Evacuees; 1994) 77 min. Documentary. In the aftermath of its 1944 armistice with the USSR, Finland was forced to evacuate Lapland. A tribute to the experiences of the evacuees. Dir: Untamo Eerola (In Finnish) Thurs. 11:00 am-12:20 pm, Tho. 105

Going to Kansas City
(1998) 90 min. Feature film. Seventeen year-old Mikko is on his way to Kansas City for a year as a high school exchange student. Little does he realize, however, what awaits. Screenplay: Morrie Ruvinksy, Pekka Mandart, Tony McNabb Director: Pekka Mandart (In English; Finnish subtitles) USA premiere! Thurs. 10:00-11:15 pm HUB Auditorium Mikko Nousiainen and Melissa Galianos in Going to Kansas City

(Swan Song; 1995) 38 min. Documentary. Scenes of falcon, swan, crane, reindeer, and man amid the stunning Lapland landscape of Vuotos, a wilderness about to be lost. Photography by: Seppo Kernen; dir.: Pertti Kalinainen (In Finnish; English subtitles) Sat. 9:00-9:40 am, Smith 120

(Icebreaker; 1999) 60 min. Feature film. Life is not easy when your dad doesnt live at home and even worse when hes on a losing hockey team. But things can change fast . Screenplay: Sami Parkkinen and Heikki Kujanp; dir.: Heikki Kujanp (In Finnish; English subtitles) USA premiere! Sat. 10:15-11:15 pm, HUB Auditorium

Karelian Fever
(1999) 60 min. Documentary. A look at the migration of Finnish Americans to Soviet Karelia and the fate that awaited them there. Dir.: Anita Hokkanen Middleton (In English) USA Premiere! Friday 1:00-2:30 pm, Smith 120

Kaunis Veeraeli ballaadi Saimaalta
(Beautiful Veera, or a Ballad from Saimaa; 1950) 79 min. Feature film. One of Finlands all-time greatest hits. Humor, music, romance. Screenplay: Tatu Pekkarinen, V. Salminen, Toivo Srkk dir.: Ville Salminen (In Finnish) Sat. 8:45-10:05 pm, HUB Auditorium

Liian paksu perhoseksi
(Hardly a Butterfly; 1998) 86 min. Feature film. The love story of two unglamorous but human Finns of the 1960s. A bossy mother, spendthrift sister, and family grocery store provide the backdrop to an unlikely romance. Screenplay: Sisko Istanmki, Tove Idstrm; dir.: Heidi Kngs (In Finnish; English subtitles) Fri. 10:00-11:30 am, Smith 120

(The Manilla Rope)(1976) 70 min. Feature film. The story of a simple but well-meaning soldier Joose Keppil, who tries to smuggle a manilla rope home from the front. A film adaptation of Veijo Meris novel. Screenplay: Veijo Meri; dir: Veli-Matti Saikkonen (In Finnish; English subtitles) Thurs. 1:00-2:10 pm, Smith 120

One World: Finland in the Global Marketplace
(1998) 50 minutes. Documentary. Finnish business: its international profile, market strengths, and current prominence. Prod. and ed.: Jonathan Ward, Richard Muller (In English) Thurs. 10:00-10:50 am, Smith 120

Orpopojan Valssi
(Waltz of an Orphan Boy; 1950) 68 min. Feature film. The life story of comic songster J. Alfred Tanner with twenty of the singers best known works. Screenplay: I. Marjanen; dir.: Ville Salminen (In Finnish) Thurs. 9:45-10:55 pm HUB Auditorium

Paavo Nurmi--Legenda
(Paavo Nurmi - The Legend; 1997) 29 min. Documentary. The life and career of the Athlete of the Century and Flying Finn. Dir.: Tuomo Karvinen, I-P Ristmeri (In Finnish; English subtitles) Thurs. 3:00-3:30 pm, Tho. 101

Punaiset Esiliinat
(Red Aprons; 1997) 65 min. Documentary. Womens fates in the Finnish Civil War (1918), as reflected by the experiences of women who served in the Red forces. Dir.: Seppo Rustanius (In Finnish; English subtitles) Sat. 2:50-4:50 pm, Smith 120

Punaorvot Valkoisessa Suomessa
(Red Orphans in White Finland; 1999) 53 min. Documentary. Life experiences and treatment of children orphaned in the Civil War (1918) Dir.: Seppo Rustanius (In Finnish; English subtitles) Sat. 2:50-4:50 pm, Smith 120

Ryysyrannan Jooseppi
(Jooseppi of Ryysyranta; 1955) 86 min. Feature film. Based on Ilmari Kiantos classic novel, the story of poor crofter family told with humor and insight. Screenplay: I. Kianto, U. Lauri, V. Hela; dir.: R. af Hllstrm (In Finnish) Sat.5:00-6:26, Smith 120

Suomen vuodenajat
(Images of Finland; 1994) 21 min. Documentary. Finlands four seasons, captured in brilliant photography and soaring symphonic compositions. (In Finnish; English subtitles) Fri. 9:00-9:50, Smith 120

Viisi tytärtäni
(My Five Daughters; 1997) 118 min. Feature film. A smalltown mother in the early 1970s with five daughters and an uncertain future. Screenplay: L. Laaksonen; dir.: Hannu Kahakorpi (In Finnish) Fri. 3:00-4:50 pm, Smith 120

Whooper - The Holy Bird
(1996) 27 min. Documentary. A wildlife documentary on the whooper swan, the emotions it stirs, and the beliefs associated with it. photography: Kari Soveri (In Finnish; English subtitles) Fri. 9:00-9:50 am, Smith 120

91 kevttä
(Jean Sibelius91 Springs; 1987). 55 min. Documentary. The everyday life of Jean Sibelius as reflected in correspondence, photos, music. Dir.: Mauri Riikonen (In Finnish; English subtitles) Fri. 11:45 am-12:40 pm, Smith 120

Related Presentations

Friday 1:00-2:30
Historian and filmmaker Anita Hokkanen Middleton introduces and screens her new documentary film Karelian Fever Smith 120

Saturday 10:00-10:45
Finnish Broadcasting Executive Päivi Moore: "The Wings of Finnish Broadcasting: The Scandinavian Channel" Plus USA premiere of Moores new documentary: Amerikansuomalaisten albumi 10:45-12:00 Smith 120

Saturday 2:00-4:45
Filmmakers Olli Soinio and Seppo Rustanius: Documentary Films of Twentieth-Century Finnish History with two documentary films: Punaiset esiliinat (concerning women in the Finnish Civil War, 1918) Punaorvot (Red orphans in post-war White Finland) both films subtitled Smith 120

Saturday 12:30-1:30
Hockey Great Teemu Selanne introduces himself, his family and his charity: theWith All My Heart fundraising campaign, organized by the Finnish Heart Association. Smith 120

Lapsille! Fr Barnen! For Kids! (and the Young at Heart)

Shown at various times in the MacMahon Lounge--check with childrens programing for details!

Hermannin Pellekoulu 10 x 10 min. (in Finnish) Kauhea pikku Myy (1990) 25 min. (in Finnish) Muumipeikko ja pyrstthti (1992) 75 min. (in Finnish) Rlli (1986) 10 x 8 min. (in Finnish) Tove Janssons Moomins are sure to delight

Catch The Slide Presentations On Finnish Crafts As Well--Hub 200 C--Check At Room For Details!

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