Play Sähly

at FinnFest USA '99


Program for Young Adults
Play Sähly at FinnFest USA '99!

Come and participate in a sähly demonstration at FinnFest USA '99 on Friday July 23rd 1999 at 12:45 p.m. at the Denny Field courts, located on the beautiful University of Washington campus.

Sähly is a fitness sport and is similar to floorball. It is played in a small rink with two teams comprised of three to five players. In this no-body-contact sport, each player uses a plastic stick to hit a wiffle ball in order to score goals. Unlike floorball, however, there is no goalkeeper.

Sähly was first played in Sweden in the early 1970's. It was later introduced to Finnish students, and the first series was played at the Helsinki University in 1974. Today sähly continues to be very popular in Finland because of the rules are simple, no special skills are needed, and you can play it almost anywhere--even on asphalt surface. Schoolchildren, students, men and women enjoy participating in this sport.

At Seattle's FinnFest '99, the sähly demonstration will include a raffle, and prizes will be awarded. This event is intended for young adults, but all ages are welcome to participate.


Please visit the web-site of FinnFest'99 sponsor Exel Oy., for more information about the about the European Floorball game, "Sähly."


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