FinnFest USA '99 – Registration Form, page 4.
July 22nd-25th, 1999 – University of Washington campus, Seattle

Campus Accommodations

All rooms are furnished with twin beds and local-access telephones. Long distance calls may be placed using a credit card or a calling card. Bed linen and towels are provided. Beds are made and fresh towels are exchanged daily. Television lounges, kitchenettes with microwave ovens or electric ranges, laundry facilities and vending machines are located throughout each building. Males and females are permitted to occupy same room on request. Rooms for couples are limited. Rooms share community bath facilities. This may cause the appropriate bathroom for one roommate to be located on floor above or below the assigned room. Dormitory housing is not recommended for small children. Small children have to be supervised at all times. A full room and board will be charged for children ages 6 and over.

Smoking is prohibited in all public areas of the residence halls. As a courtesy to non-smoking residents, smoking is also discouraged in private quarters. Alcohol use is prohibited in all areas except by legal adults, age 21 and over, in private quarters.

All residence halls and buildings have elevators. In addition, there are a limited number of wheelchair accessible rooms available. University lodging will be reserved only upon reciept of the registration form. All University housing needs to be arranged in advance. Please contact us at 425-401-7100 for further details.

Limited overnight parking for individuals staying in the residence halls is available.

Meals in your package are served in the dormitory cafeteria. A variety of breakfast foods, entrees, salads, desserts and beverages are available. Vegetarian meals are also routinely available (no vegan menus). Some Finnish foods will be available.


Liability -Terms and Conditions FinnFest USA 99

Every effort has been made by FinnFest USA '99 to secure the best and safest facilities for both FinnFest USA 99 housing and FinnFest USA 99 programs in order to provide an enjoyable festival for all participants at the Seattle event, which will take place on the University of Washington campus. FinnFest USA '99 has only the status of festival coordinator, and maintains no control over personnel, equipment or operations of the University of Washington or any of the University's suppliers, employees or agents.

By signing this form, the named participant releases FinnFest USA '99, its officers and members from any and all liability, claims and causes of action arising from losses or injuries sustained in the course of the 1999 festival which result from the wrongful or negligent acts or omissions of any party.

I have read and understand the terms and conditions above


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(please sign this form and return a copy of it to FinnFest USA 99)


Special air fares for FinnFest participants!!!!!!!

We have arranged for specially discounted air fares for your travel to Seattle for the FinnFest USA 99 festival. Choose between our official domestic festival airlines – United, Northwest, and Alaska – for the lowest fares.

  • On both United Airlines and Northwest Airlines, discounts available are between 5% and 15% depending on time of travel and booking.

  • On Alaska Airlines recieve 5% off any published fare (with few exceptions); or, you may choose a waiver for the cost of your Saturday night stay at one of the fine Hotels offering special FinnFest rates when booked with your flight.
For reservations or more information, please call TravelTime at 800.909.6647
or email



Changing and Confirming Your Registration Information

  • Do you have questions about your registration confirmation?

  • Do you need to change information on a registration or reservation already submitted?

  • Please contact us via telephone, facsimile, or electronic-mail at:



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