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Handbook for Parents

As of January, 1998, Suomi Koulu (Finnish School) has started holding classes for kids (3-15 years of age) one Saturday morning a month at the Finnish Lutheran Church. Our Suomi Koulu is one of the numerous schools around the world working to preserve the Finnish culture and language among young people of Finnish origin.

Suomi Koulu exposes children to the Finnish language, culture and customs through play, arts and crafts, music and many other activities. Interacting with their peers and teachers, children find the Finnish language useful also outside their homes, which will be motivating to them and helpful to the parents who may be trying to teach or maintain the language.

The popular Parent-Child group, which has been meeting on Thursday mornings at the church for the past two years, will be closely tied to Suomi Koulu. The group will continue to meet as usual, playing a major role preparing toddlers for Suomi Koulu. With the great number of infants in the Finnish community, Suomi Koulu will be much needed in the next few years to support the efforts of the parents in teaching these children about their Finnish roots.

Suomi Koulu has applied for financial support from the Ministry of Education in Finland, but great effort from the local Finnish community is also needed. Suomi Koulu will gratefully accept donations, especially in the form of toys, books, games, musical instruments, teaching materials and equipment, etc. Look around—do you have items that are no longer used but could help Suomi Koulu get started?

If you would like to sign up students, volunteer, make a donation or just learn more about Suomi Koulu, please contact:

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