Salolampi Language Village

Salolampi at FinnFest USA ’99
Seattle, Washington, July 22 and 23, 1999


                Participation Form

Participant’s Name: _______________________________________________________
                                                first                                                 middle                                                 last

Birth Date: ______________________________

        __ Male         __ Female        

Previous experience with Finnish language: _________________________________________________

Parent/guardian Information

Parent/guardian name(s): ____________________________________________________

Home Address: ____________________________________________________________

Telephone (home): ______________________ (work or other): ______________________

Does the participant have any allergies or other medical concerns?                 __ Yes                 __ No
(If "yes," please list on the back of this sheet.)

Does the participant have dietary or activity restrictions? ____________________________________

Parental Permission to treat:

In case of emergency, in the event that you cannot be reached during the program, do you give permission for a physician to diagnose and treat your child?

                __ Yes                 __ No            

Do you give permission for your child to be photographed?
(Photographs may be used in news articles or future publicity.)

                __ Yes         __ No, except in groups of three or more, not identified by name.    

Person(s) other than parents/guardians authorized to pick up participants on Thursday and Friday:



Parent/guardian signature: _______________________________________________     Date: ____________

Check to see that all parts are completed. To complete registration for Salolampi at FinnFest USA ’99, this Participation Form must be completed and returned to:

c/o Larry Saukko
Concordia Language Villages
9500 Ruppstrasse NE
Bemidji MN 56601

After you send this form, you will receive an informational letter.
For further information, please contact Larry Saukko:

    Phone: 1-800-450-2214         Fax: 1-800-455-3630         E-Mail:

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