FinnFest USA 99

Seattle, Washington, July 22 – 25, 1999

Theme : Roots and Wings

Welcome, Tervetuloa, Välkommen!

We are pleased to invite you to participate in FinnFest 99, the largest gathering of Finnish culture in the United States.

When you place an ad in our 100-page FinnFest USA 99 Program Book, you will reach both local and international festival participants. Our festival patrons will be interested in your products, services and information featured in the book.

FinnFest 99 is being held in Seattle this summer, on July 22 – 25, 1999. FinnFest USA draws participants from our state and throughout the nation, as well as Finland and Canada. FinnFest USA is an annual festival that is held in different locations in North America each year to continue the appreciation and preservation of Finnish culture through generations.

Activities at FinnFest 99 are designed for all ages and interests. Events include a market place of fine arts and crafts, special symphony presentations, music and dance, educational activities for all ages and more.

Your advantages as an advertiser and promoter include:

  • The program books are kept as mementos of the national festival. Each booklet is retained several years and passed among family and friends. Your ad will have a significant extended life span, during and beyond the festival.

  • We will promote your company name again for no additional charge at our "Tori", or market place, which thousands will visit.

  • Advertisers purchasing space of 1/8 page or more will be listed on the back of our quick reference handout.

  • You will be given a complimentary copy of the Program Book for your business or personal library.

We are reaching out to you specifically to participate in this unique cultural opportunity. Attached is our advertising schedule and order form for your review. We will be honored to include you and/or your business as part of our important cultural festival.

Please join us in supporting FinnFest 99. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you there!


Joel H. Wasti
Advertising Manager, FinnFest USA 99


FinnFest USA '99

4122 – 128th Ave. SE, Suite 305, Bellevue, WA 98006
Fax: (425) 641-9983 - E-mail:


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Seattle FinnFest '99
4122 128th Avenue SE, Suite #305
Bellevue, WA 98006