Moomins at FinnFest USA '99!


Moomins Seattle-Style

Bring the kids and come learn about the lovable Moomins® and their life in Moominvalley at FinnFest ’99! This free program will be presented on July 24, 1999, at the University of Washington campus in Seattle, Washington.

Moomins are friendly, troll-like creatures who are adored not only by children in Finland but from around the world. Written by Finnish author Tove Jansson, the Moomin books have been translated into 33 languages. The Moomin characters, also adapted into films and comic strips, are celebrated at successful theme parks in Finland.

Jansson creates a fairytale world called Moominvalley. Her characters explore a world that is occasionally dangerous but balanced by humor and love. Through her stories, she inspires her readers -young and old alike- emphasizing the values of life and love for one another.

This delightful program at FinnFest ’99, for children and their families, will consist of Moomin (Muumi) music, dancing and fun. There will also be a Muumi-room where children can color Muumi pictures, watch Muumi cartoons and listen to Muumi stories in English. Also there will be a lecture on the Moomins. We may even have a visit from a Moomin or two!!

"Something is happening all the time during the show and some lucky kids will be part of it, " said Airi Suomalainen, co-coordinator of the FinnFest ’99 Children’s Programs. She promised a captivating program for all the Moomin fans at FinnFest ‘99 in Seattle.

To better acquaint yourself with Jansson and her Moomins before FinnFest ’99, visit these two websites:

Jansson’s Moomin books are published by Shildts Forlag in Finland and by Farrar, Strauss, and Giroux in the USA.


All moomintroll images are copyright Tove Jansson.



Linda, one of our FinnFest volunteers, has recently created a mailing list for discussion of the moomin characters. "I'd love to get more children on the list discussing these wonderful books", she says.

Click to subscribe to the moominvalley mailing list.

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