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Frequently Asked Questions

The planners of next summer’s FinnFest in Seattle have received many excellent questions about the program and other arrangements at FinnFest USA ‘99. We are presenting here the most frequently heard questions and their answers for the benefit of all our readers.

  • Q. What are the dates of FinnFest USA ‘99?
  • A. The dates of the festival are July 22 to July 25, 1999. There will be tours to the Seattle area and other West Coast attractions both before and after the festival.

  • Q. Where will the event be held?
  • A. FinnFest USA ‘99 will take place in Seattle, WA, on the campus of the University of Washington, overlooking the beautiful Lake Washington.

  • Q. Have you selected a theme for your event?
  • A. Yes, the theme of FinnFest USA ‘99 is Roots and Wings. We want to place equal emphasis on the rich Finnish heritage in Finland and in North America, and on today’s Finland with its achievements in music, arts, sports and technology.

  • Q. FinnFests have a lot in common, but at the same time they are also different. What is going to be unique about FinnFest USA ‘99?
  • A. We are making a special effort to attract the younger generations to Seattle. We will have children’s programs both for the little children starting from toddlers up, and the older school age group. There will be crafts and sports activities, music and gymnastics, puppet theater, storytellers, and much more. The rumor has it that even Moomin-trolls and Santa Claus are planning on paying a visit.

  • Q. How about young adults?
  • A. The students of Finnish at the University of Washington are making plans for young adults. A Thursday evening picnic, a Saturday evening dance cruise on Lake Washington, chance to play sähly are amongst the planned attractions.

  • Q. What is sähly?
  • A. We will show you next summer. You will have to see it, or better yet, play it yourself.

  • Q. Will you offer tours to Alaska?
  • A. Yes, tours and cruises will be offered both before and after FinnFest. Dates will be announced as soon as they will be available from tour companies, either late this year, or early 1999.

  • Q. Will your travel agency arrange car rentals?
  • A. Yes, our travel agency is a full service agency that offers flights, hotels, cars, tours, and insurance.

  • Q. Will you again offer accommodations at Meany Hotel as you did in 1989?
  • A. Yes, rooms will be available at Meany and other hotels within a walking distance from Campus. Hotel accommodations will also be available in the downtown area, which is easily accessible by buses.

  • Q. Will there be housing available on campus?
  • A. Yes, we have rooms reserved in dormitories that are very located very close to the main venue of FinnFest USA ‘99?

  • Q. Will towels be provided in the dormitory rooms?
  • A. Yes, bedding, towels, soap and drinking cups are provided in the rooms. The University staff will change towels, make beds and empty wastebaskets every day.

  • Q. I would like to arrive a few days before the festival. Will the University rooms be available to me when I arrive?
  • A. The dormitories will be available to FinnFest attendees starting on Monday, July 19. The last check-out date is Tuesday, July 27, 1999.

  • Q. Will you arrange shuttle service from the airport?
  • A. No, there is an airport shuttle to downtown with convenient buses to campus. Some hotels have their own shuttle service.

  • Q. We plan to drive our own car. What is the traffic like in Seattle?
  • A. Seattle is a major city, and traffic conditions may be unpredictable. It is always advisable to give yourself a little extra time and plan to enjoy the scenery if you encounter delays.

  • Q. How about the weather? We understand that it rains a lot in Seattle.
  • A. The dates of FinnFest USA ‘99 are timed to coincide with the most beautiful time of the summer. Statistically, the chances for nice sunny weather are the best in late July.

  • Q. Will you offer rain checks if it rains anyway?
  • A. No, but we will be happy to sell you a great FinnFest souvenir umbrella to make sure you will enjoy our FinnFest, rain or shine.

  • Q. I have attended a couple of the earlier FinnFests. Will I automatically receive my own registration package next year?
  • A. No, we are building our own mailing list. You can sign up for it on our web site: www., or send your name and address to the address below. Please indicate if you would like to receive tour information as soon as it becomes available.

  • Q. I understand that some events, such as tours, may be away from the main university campus where the festival is being hosted. Where can I get more information about departure and arrival times and locations for these activities?
  • A. All tours depart from the Registration Area on the University of Washington campus. All tour buses (including Ballard Tours, etc.) leave from parking lot N2. Information about FinnFest '99 is available now through our on-line schedules, registration information, and various pages featuring event and activity descriptions throughout the site. During the festival, detailed information and event schedule updates will be available at the Registration HelpDesk and the FinnFest USA '99 Festival Office located in the Husky Union Building (HUB).

  • Q. How can I get more information about FinnFest USA ‘99?
  • A. We will be posting periodic updates on our web site at as our programming details firm up. You can also e-mail us at, fax your questions to (425) 641-9983, or write to us at 4122 - 128th Ave SE, Suite 305, Bellevue, WA 98006. We welcome your questions and suggestions, and we welcome you to Seattle next summer.

FinnFest USA '99
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