FinnFest USA '99 Registration
Welcome, Tervetuloa, Všlkommen!

FinnFest USA '99

Seattle, Washington, July 22 – 25, 1999

Theme : Roots and Wings

Dear FinnFest Friends,

It is our pleasure, indeed, to invite you to attend FinnFest USA '99 in the Emerald City of Seattle next July. We are excited about the many outstanding performers and programs to be seen during the week of July 19, 1999. The official dates of the festival are July 22-25, but we have so much to offer that the program starts on Wednesday, July 21! Tours to the many and varied attractions of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest start on Monday, July 19, Alaska tours even earlier. There is a lot to see and explore.

The venue of FinnFest USA '99 will be the beautiful campus of the University of Washington. We believe our visitors will like the facilities even better than ten years ago. The dormitories are very convenient to the Husky Union Building, or the HUB, which will also be the hub of FinnFest activities. Most FinnFest events take place on the Central Campus, in or near the HUB. Naturally we will have bus transportation for visitors who like and need that service.

Another wonderful change on campus is the presence of the Finnish Studies program in the Scandinavian Department. You will see the students actively involved with FinnFest. They are the architects of FinnFest's many Youth programs. Children and Youth are one of the real emphases of FinnFest USA '99. With our theme of Roots and Wings we want to offer interesting and entertaining programs for all ages and all generations. Make this a family experience!

Most programs are included in the registration fees. See the other side for a partial listing of the delights free to all registrants. - The few "ticketed events" are all well worth the extra charge. The highlight of FinnFest USA '99 will be a Finnish concert by the Seattle Symphony. Finnish music, Finnish soloists, Finnish guest conductor. Ilkka Talvi, Seattle's Finnish Concertmaster, will play the US premiere of a work composed for him. Where else could you experience such an evening?

FinnFest USA '99 gives you also the perfect opportunity to experience the Pacific Northwest. Take some of the FinnFest special tours or go exploring on your own. See the Pacific Ocean and the Rain Forests, our high mountains, and the arid plains of Eastern Washington. Seattle itself is an attractive and sophisticated city with lots of activities to all members of the family. You can take the children to the Pacific Science Center or the Seattle Aquarium, send the teenagers to listen to Seattle's rock music, or indulge yourselves in our wonderful restaurants with great ethnic and Northwest cuisine.

Send in your registration now for the whole family. The Finnish community of the Pacific Northwest welcomes you all! Tervetuloa! Välkommen! Welcome!


Pirkko H. Borland - President


FinnFest USA '99
4122 – 128th Ave. SE, Suite 305, Bellevue, WA 98006
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FinnFest USA '99
4122 – 128th Ave. SE, Suite 305, Bellevue, WA 98006
Phone: (425) 401-7100   Fax: (425) 641-9983

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