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We are pleased to present the FinnFest USA 1999 Events Schedule for your viewing convenience! This has been the result of much hard work by the members of many committees. We hope that you will find this information useful to you in your planning of a trip to come see us this coming July 22 – 25! As the festival will be soon upon us, the schedules presented here very nearly represent their final form. However, there yet may be made a few minor modifications in our efforts to bring you the best experience possible. Moreover, additional features will be added soon to these pages to make the information presented easier to use. So check back here often for the latest updates!

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  • Wednesday,
  •   July 21st, 1999:   "Setup & Arrival" ...     Horiz.     Vert.  
  • Thursday,
  •   July 22nd, 1999:   "Opening Day!" ...     Horiz.     Vert.  
  • Friday,
  •   July 23rd, 1999:   "Second Day" ...     Horiz.     Vert.  
  • Saturday,
  •   July 24th, 1999:   "Third Day" ...     Horiz.     Vert.  
  • Sunday,
  •   July 25th, 1999:   "Closing Ceremonies"     Horiz.     Vert.  
  • All Days,
  •   July 21st-25th, 1999:     . . . .     Horiz.     Vert.  
  • For a "mini" version of the schedule and FinnFest '99 highlights, you can view the version which ships with the FinnFest USA '99 Registration Packet.
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  • Please check back again soon for more focused information catagorized by topic, event and venue, and supplimented with detailed descriptions of each.
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