At FinnFest USA '99


What would a Finnish summer festival be without a fun run? Slow and dull, that’s for sure. Not to worry: all aspiring Paavo Nurmis and Lasse Virens will be able to demonstrate their foot speed in the traditional Paavo Nurmi run.

If you would rather demonstrate your golf swing, take part in our golf tournament.

Whether Pesapallo is you favorite sport or a complete mystery to you, you want to come take part in the Pesapallo demonstration.

Golf Tournament:     Results are in!

An 18 hole golf tournament is scheduled to start at 11am on Friday, July 23 at the Everett Golf and Country Club. Registration is open to FinnFest registrants, family members and their invited guests. Please see link for advance registration form and additional information.

Paavo Nurmi Run:     Results are in!

The starter's pistol will be fired at 9am on Saturday, July 24 for this event which will be open to runners of all levels of ability and to walkers. Please see link for the course description, awards and the advance registration form.

Pikku Paavo Fun Run

Also at 9am on Saturday, July 24, children of registered guests will have an opportunity to socialize and engage in friendly competition at distances ranging from 50-100 meters. Please see link for a further description and the advance registration form.

Sahly Demonstration

This activity will be held at the upper campus tennis courts on Friday, July 23 from 1-5pm. Sahly is a form of European Floorball which is fast becoming a popular sport among young people. The game is usually played with 3-5 player teams. Participants employ one meter long plastic sticks which they use to direct a whiffle ball into the opposing teams goal. The demonstration will introduce the equipment and the rules of the game, followed by a clinic which will allow the adventuresome to test their skill level at directing the ball into the goal. Participation is limited to registered guests. The event is free.

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